Presentation Excellence

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Corporate presentations have degenerated into multi-media productions. A software package for creating the appropriate slides gives a name to the whole thing: PowerPoint. Pictures and letters dominate the scene with lists in small print behind big dots – the so-called bullet points. Some presenters hide behind their laptops which they now place on the lectern instead of their scripts. Due to the number of dreadful, ineffective presentations PowerPoint has become a synonym for “a bad presentation” as it is simply “accompanied reading”.

The aim of this book is to help you to develop brilliant, rhetorically sophisticated presentations focusing on the power of language and to package these in a convincing, captivating story supported by the emotions of a picture. The result is often astonishing – rhetorical sharpness, a memorable message, a high level of emotion, surprising insights and convincing succinctness.

The Book is published in english and features a foreword by Michael Diekmann, former CEO Allianz, in which he wrote: “I thank Reinhard for his passion and for teaching us all to take risks instead of playing safe and stating the obvious.“

During a professional career spanning over 40 years, Reinhard F. Leiter worked for two multinational corporations. He held various positions within the Bayer Group including Head of Vocational Training and Professional Development and Head of Human Resources, whilst at Allianz SE he was Head of Training and Development and Head of Executive Events.

Reinhard’s main areas of interest are:
Ÿ• training and adult education
Ÿ• executive selection and development
Ÿ• communication and presentation
Ÿ• the implementation of global transformation processes by means of large group interventions

Reinhard has worked in over 30 countries on all five continents. His experience is based on more than 2,000 events involving some 200,000 participants. Reinhard was a founding member of “Arbeitskreis Assessment Center” – a Germany-wide forum for personnel selection and development – and was its chairman for years.

Since 2013 Reinhard has been a freelance consultant specialising in leadership development, presentation excellence and executive events.

Title: Presentation Excellence
Subtitle: A holistic approach
Author: Reinhard F. Leiter
Format: 16,5 x 24 cm
Edition: 1
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 84
ISBN: 978-3-86451-039-7
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 “Why have I enjoyed reading Reinhard’s latest book? Because he follows his own advice:
he advocates passion and he writes passionately; he writes simply, clearly and directly; he recognises the impact of culture. Focusing on the needs of his audience, he emphasises the significance of customising the message. Above all, he is so right about the importance of story-telling.”
Richard Lewis, Richard Lewis Communications Ltd

“I thank Reinhard for his passion and for teaching us all to take risks instead of playing safe
and stating the obvious.“
Michael Diekmann

»Im Ergebnis führt der von Reinhard F. Leiter entwickelte Ansatz zu kürzeren Präsentationen mit weniger Folien, zu klar herausgearbeiteten, auf die Zuhörer zugeschnittenen Botschaften und zu erzählerischen statt beschreibenden Präsentationen, die spannende Geschichten mit Emotion und Passion erzählen.«

»Bei Presentation Excellence geht es nicht um reine Rhetorik- oder PowerPoint-Übungen. Es geht vielmehr um die Entwicklung der persönlichen Business Story jedes Einzelnen, um sein individuelles Auftreten und seine Wirkung.«

»In seinem Buch beschreibt Reinhard F. Leiter, wie im Zeitalter des New Leadership Führungskräftekommunikation aussehen muss.« Perspektive Mittelstand



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